Keep moving. Nothing stops the pace!

What is the most impressive story that you have ever heard? Ok, now hear this one out! A motorcyclist who crossed 25 countries in 7 months now is sharing the story with you.

This time, we will introduce the story of Jaroslav Šíma, not only a journalist but also an adventurer from the Czech Republic.

Jaroslav Šíma is the man whose goal is to ride a total distance of 2 million kilometers – yes, that’s 2,000,000km.

Since the 1970s, Jaroslav never slowed his pursuit of a long journey. Every year, he spent at least 40000 kilometers on the way. Up to this point, Hitherto has completed roughly 1.65 million kilometers.

“I spent almost all the money I earned in purchasing gasoline. If I have nowhere to be accommodated, I will pitch a small tent next to my motorcycle for a short rest before heading out again,” said Jaroslav.

Jaroslav built hisa tent while touring

It has been a long time since Jaroslav shared his life with CFMOTO. It is a big honor for CFMOTO to have such a loyal friend.

Jaroslav has already rid more than 60,000 kilometers on CFMOTO motorcycles. He made his first journey on CFMOTO 650GT from the Czech Republic to Macedonia for 7000 kilometers; Afterwards, he made another trip with the same model from Croatia to Slovenia for 3500 kilometers; He also rode CFMOTO’s 300NK for 24 hours to reach the apogee of Slezska at an altitude of 1500 meters. During the 800MT long-distance journey, Jaroslav also has a couple who joined him on the motorcycle tour with 650GT.

Jaroslav on the way in his journey

800MT is the first model offered by CFMOTO for Jaroslav’s long-term testing, and we hope there is more to come. The goal of the first phase for Jaroslav is to conduct a 50,000-kilometer riding test; from July to November 2021, Jaroslav has traveled for more than 31,500 kilometers, crossing 21 European countries (Czech → Austria → Slovakia → Poland → Lithuania → Latvia → Estonia → Slovenia → Hungary → Romania → Bulgaria → Greece → Albania → Macedonia → Kosovo → Montenegro → Serbia → Bosnia and Herzegovina → Croatia → Italy → Germany → France → Spain…).

Jaroslav with his 800MT and showed his footprints in Europe

This is still just the beginning of Jaroslav’s 800MT testing story, and his journey is still ongoing. We are delighted to have a royal friend like him, and we will be proud to contribute to Jaroslav’s riding dream (2 million kilometers).

More adventure is still ongoing…