MOTOTHERAPY: Cure from journey on wheels

* This is an exceptional case where the people did not wear helmets during riding. The participants are not able to wear helmets due to health problems after consulting Italian doctors and for better interaction between riders and the participants, the professional riders did not wear helmets either and rode their vehicles slowly in dedicated areas, cordoned off. The event was organized with the collaboration of an insurance company and done in compliance with the law and safety regulations.

“More fun” is one of CFMOTO’s core values and it embodies a passion for a fun driving experience. By embracing the brand claim of CFMOTO: Experience more together, CFMOTO Italy is hereby telling their own stories.

CFMOTO’s authorized distributor in Italy, IMEX and riders from a local team DABOOT, gave a huge smile to those who are less fortunate than us. They regularly organize an event called MOTOTHERAPY to bring people together to taste the unique experience of riding a CFMOTO. The diseases have taken away their ability to ride a vehicle themselves, while CFMOTO people believe they should not be deprived of the right to taste the fun and passion even for once in their life.


“Participating in MOTOTHERAPY, this is the motivation for me to work hard to show that nothing is impossible for people,” said Massimo Bianconcini, an excellent rider of DABOOT, the freestyle motocross group.

Massimo Bianconcini is preparing to start his performance

“We are doing MOTOTHERAPY for almost 10 years, we put the people onto our motorcycles and make them discover a different life. There was once a mom, who has an autistic daughter and this girl was super scared of hard machines like vehicles. I said do not worry and I spent much time in convincing the young girl to come to our motorcycle. Being scared at the very beginning while feeling at ease after, her mother was very happy and said it was the first time that her daughter smiled on the motor,” mentioned Massimo Bianconcini.Massimo Bianconcini is preparing to start his performance.

In this activity, optimistic smile kept shinning on the face of those though experiencing the tough life. Positively influenced by these riders, the participants were able to open their mind, conquer their fear and enjoy the beautiful moments on the wheels. Riding alone can bring you great sensation of freedom, while riding to bring extraordinary experiences for others is a generous and selfless gesture. That is why CFMOTO put “Experience more together” in essence of the brand promise.

This year, MOTOTHERAPY gathered 9 European riders to show a wonderful performance to the public. One of the riders, Samuele Zuccali said: “It is always a pleasure to meet people with passion and contribute all what we could to those who need. It is a charity event and it always has a very positive effect on people. We have seen many people get excited and cry and they feel happy.”

Samuele Zuccali is interacting with the audience

When being asked how the public evaluated the performance, Samuele highlighted: “The video was shared by people and a lot of Italian magazines were dedicated to put special column in their magazine.”

The Italian rider Maurizio Pera Perin put on stunt shows for those who are less fortunate. “It is not the riding skills that made a huge impression but people’s engagement,” he said. In spite of the stressful global pandemic situation, IMEX, as well as DABOOT, contributed all together to what “More fun” exactly meant. Even though the masks covered the riders’ smile on their lips, not the ones inside their eyes.

Maurizio Pera Perin is performing with a participant

CFMOTO aims to provide enjoyable and fun riding experience to people across the world. We are always there to share the stories with people.