CFMOTO-KTM factory: A new start of the journey

There is nothing more persuasive than CFMOTO-KTM joint factory that can prove CFMOTO’s determination to be the “Premium powersports brand in the world”.

One of the most well-known Austrian writers, Stefan Zweig once said: All the great feats in the world are always done in silence, and all the wise men in the world are foresight. For the long journey, CFMOTO keeps moving and makes great achievements.

Since 2011, CFMOTO started to make the liaison with KTM. Those who initiate are numerous while those who bring to a successful end are rare. In the case of the joint venture CFMOTO-KTM, the riders across the world are witnessing the rapid growth of a Chinese brand in the international community:

The authorized distributor of KTM in Chinese market,2013
The Joint Venture agreement,2017
The new workshop Joint Venture R&D and manufacturing factory put in use,2021

The CEO of CFMOTO, Mingjie Lai mentioned: “The cooperation between CFMOTO and KTM is gradually deepening. The establishment of the new factory is based on CFMOTO’s manufacturing capacity, supply chain, and channel expansion capacity. It is helpful to contribute to KTM’s global business strategy. At the same time, KTM’s R&D, manufacturing experience and advanced concepts will put CFMOTO’s entire R&D philosophy and manufacturing capacity to a higher level.”

At the ground-breaking ceremony, when being asked what the major difference between CFMOTO and KTM is, Lai explained with confidence: One is an internationally famous brand, and the other is a local firm that insists on a differentiated development strategy.

The Ground-Breaking Ceremony, Lai made a speech,2018

With the launch of the first joint product, 800MT into the market, which marked the further step of CFMOTO-KTM joint venture, now the expansion of the new factory, Mr. Keliang Chen, vice president of CFMOTO, who is in charge of production said: The new joint factory will be put into operation at the end of 2021 and the full production capacity is expected to reach 35,0000 vehicles annually by the end of 2023. The factory will reach 11,0000 m².

CFMOTO-KTM joint factory & EV factory under construction

From the authorized distributor to the joint factory, nothing stopped the determination of CFMOTO to integrate into the global market at a higher and higher level. In the future, CFMOTO and KTM will continue to bring excellent performance to all the riders across the world.