CFMOTO for clean nature: One green journey on wheels

Mankind never stops the pace of pursuing the sustainability.

The global warming, air pollution, desertification, acid rain and so on…The increasingly sever environmental problems generated today are alarming people to behave in an eco-friendly way and pursue a sustainable lifestyle. Under this circumstance it is undeniable that people should concentrate more on what we are doing today.

Racing in the circuit is cool, while taking a green journey is fantastic. CFMOTO Russia invited all people interested to join the environmental program “CFMOTO – for clean nature” from July 15 to November 15, 2021. There were in total 46 participants this time.

Russian riders together with their vehicles, penetrating into the forest

People always think about Earth, sea, mountains, forest, flora and fauna when it comes to the common term “nature”. However, there are always problems associated with human development. Even though people are not facing massive crisis contributed by the nature pollution, if no one actively fights against the negative condition and explains to the younger generation, the world will be unusable for future generations to live.

Now the summer was over, countless citizens are celebrating sunny days with picnics in nature, leave behind mountains of glass and plastic bottles, disposable dishes and other garbage. In this case, CFMOTO Russia is well motivated to organize a quad trip to encourage people to devote at least one day off to cleanliness by following the main routes during departures or during test drives. The task is to collect garbage left in the forest by tourists and campers and put into large plastic bags then deliver to the recycling center.

The team is driving through the forest and meanwhile collecting the garbage

“According to the data of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, about 65 million tons of municipal solid waste were generated in Russia in 2019. It is sad to see but it is the fact. Remember that before throwing a water plastic or beer glass bottle away. Think about this before throwing water plastic bottle or beer glass bottle away. “One participant, Nadezhda Boyarkina said.

ZFORCE 1000 SPORT on the way by the river side

“Unfortunately, we found a large illegal garbage dump in the forest. Our friendly team collected all garbage, loaded it into the trailer, onto vehicle and disposed of it in the right way! Each of us is responsible for the planet and the ecosystem, so when going outdoors, ALWAYS remove garbage after you, and, if possible, all garbage that you see on your way!” said one participant from the local dealership, Moto salon VNE DOROG.

“Determined, progressive and more fun” are the core values of CFMOTO. On the one hand, CFMOTO is striving to be the premium powersports brand in the world by launching competitive models, on the other hand CFMOTO is also targeting at generating a community of a shared future with everyone. 

Today, an increasing number of multi-national groups are focusing on the circular economy. Consistently pursuing a sustainable economy is the key reflect of a brand’s social responsibility and the determination to build a better environment for all people involved. We highly appreciate what CFMOTO Russia has done and we firmly believe that more CFMOTO distributors will embark on the journey to an environmentally friendly future.