The First CFMOTO KD Project was Launched Successfully in Brazil

Good news from our authorized distributor - FUN MOTOR in Brazil.

The first batch of CFORCE 520L "KD" (which stands for "knocked down") orders went into production. Brazil is an important overseas market for CFMOTO, and the success of this project is of strategic significance to CFMOTO's further market expansion there.

The annual Brazilian market volume is around 5000 units. FUN MOTOR’s objective is to hit an annual sales target of 2000 units in 2021, accounting for 40% of the market share.

In February 2020 CFMOTO's started its KD localized production project, first of its kind. The project began in time after our overseas project department studied the scope and made necessary plans.

In the implementation stages of the project, multiple CFMOTO departments showed a high level of support and cooperation, starting with the early stages of inventory localization, drafting blueprints, formulating quality standards and supply chain coordination, followed by developing packaging for mass production. Along the way, various departments like the Research Institute, the supply chain department, and the KD project department showed generous support.

The KD orders arrived in September, but due to the pandemic, CFMOTO were unable to send the assembly support team. Therefore, the overseas project department established a remote support team at the HQ, which was able to provide quick feedback and solutions to any difficulties client faced during production, all the while battling the 11 hours difference.

The future orders of CFORCE 450 S&L and CFORCE 625/Touring are arriving next, and our remote support team is always standby to assist our customers in smooth production of each model.

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