1250TR-G, China’s Largest Displacement Grand Touring Concept Bike, was Launched in CIMAMotor Show

CFMOTO Launched 1250TR-G Concept Bike and Displayed the Current Hot-Selling Motorcycles and Four-Wheels at CIMAMotor

CFMOTO launched China’s largest displacement grand touring concept bike-1250TR-G at CIMAMotor (2020 Chongqing Motor Expo, hereinafter referred to as CIMAMotor) on Saturday. On display there are the naked bikes, touring bikes and four-wheels, such as 250SR, 250NK, 400NK, 650NK, 400GT, 650GT, ZFORCE 1000 Sport, CFORCE 625 etc. and CFMOTO original factory apparels, helmets and accessories.

The Debut of 1250TR-G, China’s Largest Displacement Grand Touring Bike
In 2015, CFMOTO developed the 650TR-G, a big-bore touring bike developed based on the designated state guest escort motorcycle 650G. 650TR-G attracted a large number of Chinese motorcycle lovers with its innovative design, high-end configuration, and comfortable handling. Data shows that the owners of 650TR-G are getting younger, and they are expecting grand touring bikes that can satisfy more advanced riding, thus the 1250TR-G was born.

The Mass Production Of 1250TR-G Will Be in The First Half of 2021 for Domestic Market
At the beginning of May 2020, CFMOTO released the 1250J- the police version. Although the 1250TR-G unveiled this time is just a concept bike, but judging from the configuration, apparently it is positioned as a high-end grand touring bike. The whole vehicle is equipped with world-class parts such as Brembo brakes and JBL sound system. At the same time, in line with the user-friendly design philosophy, the 1250TR-G's handlebar and seat heating function were designed to greatly improve the riding comfort. Furthermore, fuel consumption, caller ID and navigation screen ensure both convenience and safety, and the bluetooth multimedia will make your long-distance tours less boring. The production version will be launched in the first half of 2021 in China; After that it will be available in global markets too.

The Debut of 700CL-X Variants: Cafe and Race
The 700CL-X, unveiled firstly last year at the global press conference in Milan and launched in China at the end of July 2020, allows infinite modification possibilities. The two 700CL-X variants exhibited at CIMAMotor are called Cafe and Race respectively, showing a sharp contrast between modern classic style and radical racing style.

The 700CL-X Cafe adopted a new color scheme, with the front fender, fuel tank, rear seat, and side cover, painted with a candy purple color. The fuel tank's side panels and rear pedal guards adopted carbon instead of the original aluminum alloy. The black matches the purple color, making the whole bike look both classic and chic. At the same time, the more Cafe-like seat cushion and IXIL exhaust highlight its classic style; the separated lifted handlebars and square instrument add riding comfort while also exhibits a sense of modernity.

The Cafe version shows a classic and relaxed urban style, while the Race version showcases its racing and radical potentials. The body design was reshaped; hood and side guards were added; the seat was modified into a single-seater. With the VANHOOL exhaust, the overall bike looks more aggressive. In addition, the main color is matte black with gold accents on the pedals, pump cover, front shock absorber, etc., plus the track-style tank filler and oil cup, showing a stark contrast between the Race and Cafe versions, highlighting the massive modification potentials of 700CL-X.

Black Knight-250SR Variant
250SR has become one of the best-selling entry level racing bikes in domestic China since its release and its modification potentials allow younger riders to pursuit their individuality. The modified 250SR exhibited at CIMAMotor adopts carbon fiber water transfer technology to change its color, equipped with Fastace front and rear racing shock absorbers, plus CFMOTO original modified parts, such as Upper triple clamp and handle kit, raised footpegs, competitive windshield, adjustable clutch & brake lever and lever guard, and CST racing tires, making the riding posture lower, showing more aggressive track racing feel.

With the launch of the 1250TR-G, China’s largest grand touring bike, CFMOTO has finished developing full motorcycle line ranging from 125cc to 1250cc, providing multiple choices for different groups from entry-level to advanced riders. The 1250TR-G will also be introduced in the global markets in the near future. With the identity of “Made in China”, CFMOTO will continue to embody the grit and determination in the powersports field and relentlessly pursue ultimate perfection to bring better products to users around the world. CFMOTO empowers you to experience more together!

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