A Portuguese banker who is a biker, or is it another way around?

We let you decide.

At CFMOTO, we are always on the lookout for interesting and exciting stories from our customers.

In January, we learned that we have a loyal fan from Portugal, willing to share his story with us.

A man who deals in finance but enjoys riding a motorcycle is not most people’s idea of a typical motorcyclist, so what happens when a banker no longer deals with figures, but gears and tires? Here is the story of Rui Locas Godinho and how he came to be a CFMOTO owner.

Following is in Rui’s own words:

First ride by the sea

Hi my name is RUI Godinho, I’m from Portugal, I live in a small village called Palmela near Setúbal and not so far from the capital, Lisbon. I’m a Bank Worker, and I always go on Moto to work and everywhere. I only use my car when I have to transport my family or the weather is really bad.

Since I was 14 years old I ride motorcycles. Now, with almost 32 years of riding different motos, I can say that I have some experience and knowledge about the issue.

I only had 2 brand new motorcycles in my life, a Suzuki TS 50 with 16 years old and a Suzuki TSR 125 two years later.

After almost 30 years of having a lot of old motos I bought a new one in September 2020, just because it feels like a glove on me.

Rui and his wife

In September 2019 I sold my CBF1000 and bought a scooter to go to work, economical and versatile… but after some days I started to look for a real motorcycle, the scooter was nice but… It’s a scooter. I found a kawasaki ER-6F 2011 with a good price, I bought it in February, rode two times and in March I put it in a kawasaki mechanic to do a lot of repairs. With all the covid situations I was only able to go for a ride in June with my wife.

My wife loves to ride with me, but she didn’t enjoy the kawasaki, complaining that it was very uncomfortable for her.

Going second-hand is always a gamble, and in this case, the odds weren’t in Rui’s favour.

Time to start a new “crusade” to search for one motorcycle for me but also, and above all, comfortable for my wife. So I considered selling the scooter and the Kawasaki, and with the money of both, maybe, buy a new Moto.

It took me one year to make the choice. First I checked my plafond, 7000€ and then what I wanted, a new Motorcycle under 750cc, big trail look, fully equipped and comfortable for me and passenger. At first, it was very unreal and the only one I found was the Benelli TRK 502, I had seen some and they have a reseller near my work.  So I decided to do a test drive. I was very disappointed with the performance, as well as all the reviews and comments…

FIrst tide to Coba da Roca
First Ride to Coba da Roca (Westernmost point of mainland Europe) Portugal

So the search continues.

We are quite sure many of you out there, have been in that situation where you find yourself in the urge of buying a new motorcycle, it happens, and there are no two ways about it.

It’s a lot of work, on the one hand, you have your perfectionist desires, your dream motorcycles, on the other hand, you have the reality, the finance, and finding that right one is as hard as picking a dish in the French restaurant.

In 2018 I read for the first time about CFMOTO in a Spanish magazine. In 2019 I started to see some YouTube videos with reviews of the 650MT. I instantly fell in love with the 650MT, but it was a Chinese motorcycle and I needed more feedback from the brand and reliability of the Moto.

FIrst tide to Coba da Roca3

One day, on a website, they were talking about the 650MT and I started to find more information. First I read about all the partnerships with KTM and other companies, the quality of the motor, shocks, ignition, brakes… The price was somehow above my plafond, but I talked to my wife and we arranged a meeting in Almada with Motos111, the CFMOTO local dealer. We did the test drive, I love the motorcycle and my wife also. At Motos111, the owner Pedro Rodrigues was very nice, but they didn’t want to trade my kawasaki, and the price they offered to me was too low. The next two weeks I went like crazy, looking for a buyer to my kawasaki and in all the contacts I made a CFMOTO Dealer from Marinha Grande, 180km from where I live, made me a good offer for the kawasaki in the trade for one 650MT. It was the first Model 2018 but zero Km and first registration, white and black, exactly like me and my wife wanted.FIrst tide to Coba da Roca2

We appreciate that Rui overcame that outdated cliché about goods and brands originating from China.

I was so excited that on that Friday afternoon, real windy and with the weather cooling down, I couldn’t resist to ride the 180km, leave my kawasaki and ride back the 180km with my new CFMOTO 650MT. Love it. On that same weekend, test drive with the wife that elected it the perfect one for the passenger. Approved!

That’s the enthusiasm of a real biker! Attaboy!

The 650MT came with the side cases included, and after I put the hand guards, the top case support, the big wind screen and the side wind deflectors, I can feel the difference between the small screen and now, but 4cm higher would be perfect.

We hear ya!First 800km

All accessories were mounted by my mechanic Motos111.

I love to ride the MT, that motor is incredible and it is incredibly versatile. You can do a soft ride, enjoying the wind, the view without rush, but if you turn mad and want to get all the HP on the road, the Moto has a handling that will surprise you, even the sound changes and it sound and ride like a race motorcycle. Sometimes I call the MT Bipolar, since it looks and behaves good, but if you want it went crazy and fast like a sport motorcycle. I have some issues with the paint in the plastics, and in the dealer, they activate the warranty. I can say that is a motorcycle that can inspire you to go for adventure in and off-road for long distances, alone or with a passenger.

As you can see, Rui, is not your ordinary bank worker, “turn on mad mode, go full HP” – that’s the real biker talking.


Full cases and passengers charged, you can ride without stress, the power is more than enough to take all into the end of the world. 

If I could change something, I’ll change the info panel to a TFT like the GT, NK, and the front light power and adjustment. The LED light hasn’t enough power for me, and if the Moto is full charge, or with passenger, it goes up and the road isn’t properly illuminated, it needs some kind of electric or manual control. Another thing I see that has well changed in more recent models is the system used to pull and fix the screen, and have to put some zippers to fix it.

Thank you, Rui, for your insights! We are sure to pass those to the development team!

I think that at this moment, for all you get for the price is unbeatable.muddy

If I had fell in love the first time, I am still crazy about this motorcycle. It is sexy, powerful, trustable and the best investment you can make in a new Motorcycle of this segment.

Hope this spring CFMOTO comes hard into Portuguese market, with shows, exhibitions and test drives.


I founded a Facebook Group for all Portuguese CFMOTO two wheels owners and curious, we have almost 400 members, but I’m sure they will be growing to more and more.

I became a CFMOTO fan, and I’m updated on all they are doing and they don’t stop surprising me with all it’s to come.

Rui is one of those people, who are quite literally, an essential part in creating a recognition for one’s brand or product, because they speak from experience, their words are authentic and trustworthy, and we – CFMOTO, value that very much.

We would like to once again express our greatest gratitude to Rui and his wife for sharing this story with us, and making CFMOTO community so much better!

Enjoy and ride safe.

Until Next Time

5 thoughts on “A Portuguese banker who is a biker, or is it another way around?”

  1. Hi..

    Im also owner of a 650MT. After reading your experience,

    Just to tell you that actually you can adjust front beam.
    Below usb port. There is an adjusment wheel.


  2. Hello , I also have a Cf 650MT , incidentally I am part of the facebook group that Rui refers to, and yes I know that the height of the lights can be adjusted, however the location of the adjustment button for me is not the best, because it implies that we have to have the bike stopped and or a person to hold the bike or else we have to put it on the side rest to make the adjustment , I usually make this adjustment when the other riders start to make light signals because i’ve the medium very high , this is usually done at night on the road with equipment and often gloves placed , which means that it becomes difficult to access regulation of said lights , an alternative that would be welcome would be the placement of the regulation in a place similar to for example what happened to the ST1100 honda model of 1998 (the so-called PanEuropean) , I appreciate your attention and sorry for anything about my English because although you understand and read the language without difficulty, writing is already more complicated and this text was written first in Portuguese and then translated via google into English so the syntax may not be the best …
    a good there be for you
    Hulk Motoxaparro

  3. Hello, glad to read my story.
    I have no words.
    Our gratitude to you to.
    Keep bringing us beautiful and good motocycles, that’s our passion, that’s what you enjoy to do, dreans for bikers. Thanks once again.

  4. Propriétaire d’une CF650MT depuis 2019, je peux vous livrer mes premières impressions. Si j’ai choisi ce modèle de moto c’est que son design m’a plu d’emblée. Après 14000km à son guidon je reste enthousiaste : tenue de route, couple du moteur en duo et reprises, plaisir de la conduite sur route et autoroute, suspensions… satisfaction totale . La dureté de la selle ressentie lors d’un essai à disparue, remplacée par une selle confort. Mon 1.83cm est bien protégé derrière la bulle relevée à son maximum. Reste maintenant une interrogation : quel sera le prix de revente de la moto sur le marché de l’occasion ?

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